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10 Sep 2020

The inevitable process of ageing is one that we all have to face, and when it comes to the skin, the approach at ELEMIS is to support it on its journey. This does not mean that we simply let it do what it wants - which would be succumb to the force of gravity! The skin can be lazy and we want to boost its activity through the use of specifically selected actives, and also through massage to improve micro-circulation. That’s the philosophy behind Pro-Definition Facial Oil. This skin-boosting facial oil has been formulated for mature skin using plant stem technology. But before we take a look at the ingredients, I want to talk about the lines of the face.

Horizontal lines, such as laughter lines, are emphasised by repeated expression. These are what I call “happy creases”. They’re not awful, as they convey positive things about our character - but of course, we want to minimise them where possible. Vertical lines, however, are from a lack of elasticity and volume in the skin and result in making the face look angry, sad or tired. These are most commonly the ‘marionette’ lines we see around the mouth or the 11’s - the deep furrows in between brows - which can make us look severe.

Himalayan Gentian, is an Ayurvedic herb and super-botanical, which has been shown not only to have a blurring effect on vertical lines*, but also to help boost epidermal thickness by stimulating keratinocyte proliferation**. Pro-Definition Facial Oil specifically targets expression lines on the skin and in particular, the vertical ones, resulting in a complexion which appears plumped, firm and more toned.

Raspberry plant stem cell extract provides a blend of carotenoids, lipids and phenolic acids which help hydrate the skin, reinforcing the skin’s moisture barrier**, while Organic Barbary Fig oil, rich in essential fatty acids, nourishes.


This redefining face oil really is your skin’s strength in a bottle, supporting the skin’s lipid barrier and locking in all-day hydration for added resilience. Give your skin a luminous lift and apply using this specialised massage sequence:

* Demonstrated in-vivo at 2% to rapidly smooth and blur the appearance of vertical wrinkles after only 7 days

** Demonstrated in-vitro on a model of normal human keratinocytes cultured in monolayers

*** Demonstrated in-vitro and in-vivo

ELEMIS Pro-Definition Facial Oil, $191.00

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