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20 Feb 2018

The world of skincare is ever evolving, and it’s not always easy to know what’s best for your skin.

Trust ELEMIS’ Ultimate Guide series to answer your questions and simplify your skincare routine. This week, we discuss the benefits of night creams and break down the basics to help you find the best night time treatment for your skin type.

What is a night cream?

Your night cream will differ from your day cream in many ways, and the most noticeable difference between the two will be the texture. The majority of night creams are richer and denser to lock in maximum hydration and skin-boosting benefits. Where your day cream might provide light hydration alongside pollution and SPF protection, your night cream delivers targeted skin solutions, whether for anti-ageing, balancing, or brightening.

Why use a night cream

In today’s modern world, our complexions face a daily barrage of aggressors. From external factors such as city pollution and UV rays to internal stress and hormone fluctuations, there are endless factors threatening to upset the delicate balance of our skin. A comprehensive daily skincare routine will provide defence from these factors, but it’s after dark when our skin really begins to repair the damage. This is why a night cream should be considered a pivotal part of your skincare collection.

As it’s applied just before sleep, the actives in your chosen cream will begin to work once the skin is already in repair mode. Each ELEMIS night cream is formulated to work with the specific needs of the skin at night, so you can wake up with a revitalised complexion.

How to use a night cream

Application is similar to your day cream – sweep an amount equivalent in size to a 1 pence piece over the complexion in firm upward motions after cleansing, toning, and application of serums and oils. This should be the last step in your skincare routine, as the denser texture will help to seal in any actives from treatments, oils and serums.

Here, Senior ELEMIS Trainer Emer Gillen talks you through the benefits of using a night cream.


Find the best night cream for your skin type

Night cream for oily skin

Dynamic Resurfacing Night Cream is a rich cream formulated to stimulate the skin’s natural cell-renewal cycle at night, while cellular respiration is at its peak. Revolutionary patented Tri-Enzyme technology acts as the catalyst in this innovative formulation for safe and effective resurfacing within the skin’s upper layers. As cell turnover is increased, excess oil is cleared without blocking the pores or causing breakouts, and you will wake up with renewed, clearer-looking skin.

Night cream for oily or dry young skin

Hydra-Nourish Night Cream is an anti-oxidant rich cream, ideal for younger skin that can suffer from fluctuating oil levels. Persian Silk Tree extract helps reduce signs of fatigue, whilst Hyaluronic Acid provides regular hydration by locking moisture deep within the epidermis. Plus, the aromatic blend of Geranium and Ylang Ylang will calm emotions and help you slip into deep, regenerative sleep.

Night cream for combination skin

BIOTEC Skin Energising Night Cream is the ultimate choice for those looking for a serious overnight energy boost. Our award-winning BIOTEC Skin Energising Night Cream is powered by the patent-pending BIO-ENERGY complex of encapsulated Zinc and Copper, which contains powerful actives only released on contact with the skin, ensuring maximum potency. Trans-epidermal water loss is limited, the skin’s barrier function is reinforced, and the complexion appears smooth, energised and replenished upon waking.

Night cream for dry skin

Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream is perfect for delaying premature signs of ageing and helps with your skin’s natural regeneration process. Laminaria Digitata and Red Coral help to maintain optimum skin condition, while a unique Mediterranean algae, Padina Pavonica, helps to improve skin firmness and elasticity. Anti-oxidant rich Sesame and Avocado Oils deliver free-radical protection, helping to dissipate any potential damage from pollution in the day.

Night cream for dry mature skin

Pro-Definition Night Cream is a coveted formulation that helps tackling loss of elasticity in ageing skin. A powerful blend of Gardenia Stem Cells, Arjuna and Lupin works to reduce the appearance of sagging jowls, cheeks and chin by stimulating the skin’s biological energy cycle. Facial contours appear shaped, and skin texture visibly improved.

For all skin types

Suitable for all skin types, the innovative formula of Peptide4 Night Recovery Cream-Oil is ideal for those who suffer from broken sleep which, at times, can be many of us. It contains a tetra-peptide formula inspired by the skin’s natural circadian rhythms, which triggers cells to perform important restorative processes. Perilla Seed oil and exclusive Night Scented Stock oil deliver a potent dose of Omega 3, Vitamin E and anti-oxidants, while the lightweight cream-oil texture sinks beautifully into the skin for a radiant glow by morning.


ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream, $358.00

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