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11 Aug 2017

Pregnancy is an exciting time; filled with all the joy and anticipation of the arrival of a brand new tiny being.
But there are ups and downs - the main ones being to do with hormones, which can easily make themselves known in the appearance of your complexion. Sensitised skin, dull skin, dry skin - not all of us are blessed with a “glow” all of the time, as blogger and ELEMIS Ambassador, Anneli Bush acknowledges,

Lucky ladies get that well-known “pregnancy glow”, and although I have been told I have it at times (note: not all the time!) – in between a puffy face, sensitive skin, dullness and an uneven skin tone – my skin has definitely seen better days.

So how to deal with skin that is not entirely blooming with health? The ELEMIS products that Anneli uses to support her skin’s appearance include Pro-Collagen Marine CreamSuperfood Facial Oil and Pro-Definition Facial Oil. Why two facial oils?

"For me personally, my skin has been so parched and dehydrated during the pregnancy, and I also feel like I am in the perfect age group to really focus on those fine lines and the increase in dullness to my complexion. Hence why I am using both on rotation on a daily basis."

ELEMIS Japanese Camellia Body Oil Blend, $112.00
ELEMIS Superfood Facial Oil, $110.00
ELEMIS Pro-Definition Facial Oil, $157.00

And what about a body growing to accommodate baby?

“Probably the product which has been my all-time skincare hero from ELEMIS, is the Japanese Camellia Body Oil. Using only the finest grade ingredients, this super lightweight oil is really rich in plant collagen, which in turn keeps the skin so moisturised and supple, and really helps target and prevent those stretch marks and wobbly bits."

And whether you’re pregnant or not, Japanese Camellia Body Oil can be used in multiple ways:

“Not only is this oil incredible for the body, it´s also ideal for the care of nails, hair and scalp (you all know I love a multi-purpose beauty product). I have been using this without fail, every single day since I found out I was pregnant.”

Anneli is not the only one - Victoria Beckham can’t get enough of our Japanese Camellia Body Oil. While she was pregnant with the youngest Beckham, Harper, she said,

“During my pregnancies, the one product I really relied on was ELEMIS Japanese Camellia Oil, which is really great for preventing stretch marks and is one of the few aromatherapy oils you can put on yourself when pregnant. I would just cover myself in it, really massaging it into my tummy, my bottom, my thighs, and my boobs. Honestly, that stuff really works.”

Victoria even went as far as Tweeting her love for the anti-oxidant rich oil:

Pregnancy tip!!!! I have used this through every pregnancy, it’s amazing!! X VB”

So now you know. Get your hands on these essentials for expectant mums and we think you’ll be loving them well into motherhood and beyond.

ELEMIS Japanese Camellia Body Oil Blend, $112.00


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