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12 Apr 2018

It might sound like something from a futuristic action movie, but Drone Peptide Technology is actually the latest must-know skincare saviour to have on your radar…

It’s probably safe to say that we’ve all experienced stress in some form before. For many of us, these periods of emotional tension will be an unavoidable part of life. And while many of the side effects of stress are inevitable - think sleepless nights, tense shoulders and heightened emotions - the good news is we can help support you when it’s time to tackle visible signs of stresses on your skin.

ELEMIS’ new Smart Technology collection is a revolutionary new line that harnesses next-gen skincare science. The debut product, Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix, is one worth getting excited about - clinical trials revealed that 100% of participants found their skin ‘bounced back to life’ after using the product.

So, where does the science come in? It’s thought that as stress levels increase, the ‘glue’ that holds collagen and elastin together may deteriorate, and natural levels of Hyaluronic Acid in the dermis may also decrease. These factors combined can leave the skin looking lacklustre, dehydrated, and ‘crumpled’ on the surface.

Drone Peptide Technology helps to combat focus in on these factors by offering targeted treatment to problem areas. Think of it as a GPS for your skincare -searching for where the skin needs it most, allowing effective treatment for the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

So, what exactly is it delivering? Simply put, a clever combination of two peptides works in tandem to help plump the skin with hydration. These independently tested actives have been shown in-vitro to boost Hyaluronic Acid production as well as elastin synthesis. Hyaluronic acid and Elastin contribute towards a more elastic and supple feeling skin.

But this game-changing technology wouldn’t be a star without its supporting ingredients. Padina Pavonica - an iconic ELEMIS active – rich in fatty acids and polysacharrides; complementing the skins moisture barrier for instant hydration. Their Microalgae encourages mild exfoliation complexion looking flawless and more youthful. Finally, Wild Indigo Oligosaccharides, sourced from the seeds of wild-harvested plants in India, completes the cocktail to leave you feeling - and looking - relaxed and beautifully radiant.

The perfect match to supercharge your results? Pro-Collagen Super Serum Elixir, rich in plumping bio-actives, acts as a great line fighting base, while Pro-Collagen Marine Cream Ultra-Rich makes a seriously hydrating option. So, while we can’t promise to eliminate stressful situations from your life, your skin can always look its best!

ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix, $515.00
ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Super Serum Elixir, $153.00
ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Marine Cream Ultra-Rich, $287.00

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