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05 Jan 2017

Good cleansing habits are the foundation for healthy-looking skin. And with the no make-up look still trending for 2017, here are some cleansing mistakes you don’t want to be making...

Not washing your hands

To ensure that bacteria doesn’t transfer from your fingers (including from under your fingernails) make sure that hands are scrupulously clean. You can even use a pump of your cleanser to wash your hands with first to avoid any residues from hand soap coming into contact with your complexion.

Not removing make-up

Removing your make-up efficiently is the golden rule when it comes to cleansing. You can use a micellar water to sweep away dirt and grime or a cleansing cream that you can massage into the skin to loosen make-up before lifting it off with cotton wool pads. To be sure that every last trace is removed, use a foaming face wash or a cleansing balm for a double-cleanse.

Using water that’s too hot

On cold winter mornings, it may feel wonderfully comforting to use hot water to wash your face. However, your complexion is delicate and heat can affect the moisture barrier as well as damaging capillaries which leads to permanent red marks. Use lukewarm water to avoid skin feeling tight or over-producing sebum.

Exfoliating too frequently

When your skin is prone to break-outs and you want your skin to feel supremely clean, it can be easy to think that exfoliating is the answer. But scrubbing at the skin can enlarge pores and cause further imbalances. Try a wash-off cleanser that contains enzymes – these eat away at dead skin to reveal a radiant complexion without you having to scrub away.

Rubbing skin with a dirty towel

Once you’ve done the hard work of cleansing your face, why undo it by rubbing your skin with a dirty towel? Pat skin gently with a cleansing cloth to soak up excess water. Although it may seem excessive, having a clean cloth for every morning of the week will ensure your skin is in tip-top condition. Just don’t forget to do your laundry at the weekend.

Letting skin air dry

The flipside of roughly drying skin with a bath towel is letting your skin air dry. This means that you’re instantly letting your skin dehydrate as the water evaporates off the surface. Lock moisture in immediately with a facial oil or a moisturiser. Applying while the skin is still damp will make it more receptive to drinking up all the hydration it needs.

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