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17 May 2022

Our multi-tasker of the month…

While we don’t like to play favourites with our products, there are some that really are all-out hits with you. And ELEMIS' Skin Nourishing Milk Bath certainly fits the bill. Inspired by the beauty rituals of Cleopatra, who famously liked to bathe in milk, our hero of the month is brimming with Milk Protein, Amino Acids, Plant Collagen and Camellia Oil. Which means that it’s not only super nourishing – it’s also super versatile too.

Prepare to fall in love all over again as you try an old favourite in new ways…

1. The ultimate milk bath: Starting off by stating the obvious, but pour some of this gorgeous formulation under a running tap and it really will soothe, nourish and hydrate your skin from top to toe. We use it every other day and notice the difference within two weeks.

2. The complexion cleanser: It’s getting warmer outside, which means that all the switching between hot and cold air is certainly making our skin feel irritated. If you can relate, the Skin Nourishing Milk Bath works as a fantastically gentle cleanser, removing all traces of make-up and daily grime, whilst leaving your skin feeling soft, supple and soothed.


3. The scalp soother: Our scalps often get neglected but it’s good to moisturise the skin on our heads like we would any other part of our bodies to avoid dryness and tightness. We like to work a little of the milk onto our scalp as a nourishing, pre-shampoo treatment.

4. The full body mask: This product provides a super dose of nourishment for skin. So massage a layer into the skin whilst the bath is running and the room starts to fill with steam. Then pour three capfuls into the bath, hop in, and lie back allowing the milk to soak into the skin, leaving it silky soft and feeling comforted.

5. The baby soft baby wash: So gentle is this formula that not only is it safe for pregnant women to use but it is also suitable for babies and toddlers with a delicate scent that only complements that soft, clean feeling.

ELEMIS Skin Nourishing Milk Bath, $157.00

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